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March 22 - Ukraine Update

Friends, Lutheran Church-Canada posted another update about Ukraine.

Ukraine Update Day 26 of Russian invasion. This March 21, 2022 update is provided by Rev. Oleksiy Navrotskyy, Lutheran Church Canada Missionary to the Ukraine: "It is 26th day of Russian aggression against Ukraine. More than 3 million Ukrainians (mostly women and children) have had to flee the country. Another 6 million+ have had to leave their cities, houses, and churches searching for shelter. Many citizens of Mariupol, Kyiv, Kharkiv can never return back home because their homes don’t exist anymore. Last week Ukrainian troops were able to stop occupants from all directions. Now, foes are trying to reorganize and strengthen their forces for future attacks. The Volunteer Team of the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Ukraine (SELCU) used this temporary lull for reorganization and action. Last week SELCU received two long trucks filled with humanitarian aid materials from Germany, including mattresses; blankets; clothes; pampers; hundreds of kilograms of cans and preserves. In addition, SELCU immigrants from surrounding countries collected goods which have been transported here. It took the team two days to sort through all the goods, putting together about 150 food bags for SELCU church members—all of which were delivered by the end of last week. Last week another group of SELCU refugees was taken to Romania. Twenty-two women with children were met by Romanian Lutherans, hosted at a local hotel, and, the next morning, sent by bus to Germany. The trip to Germany from Romania takes at least 29 hours. Over the last three weeks, we have been able to help more than 200 people to safety. . . . I cannot—and do not want to—speak much on the devastation, woe, and pain that war has brought to our land and to our people. It is too heavy not to cry. It looks like the war in Ukraine will not end quickly. We need much strength, patience, comfort and love from above to accomplish our mission—to proclaim the Gospel message of the forgiveness of sins, the comfort from the Holy Spirit, and care for the people." ----- We encourage you to read the full update from The Canadian Lutheran here:

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