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Estate Planning Webinar

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For the most part, having a Will only covers the basic questions related to asset distribution, leaving countless other questions unanswered. This seminar reviews other documents (most free) and planning tools that address the many unanswered questions that should also be considered. For those with a difficult family dynamic, incorporating ways to mitigate anticipated problems before they occur will be greatly appreciated by your executor.

Ironically, for most people, the largest reported income of their life will be their “terminal tax return” submitted by their estate executor. A donation from your estate can offset high tax liabilities, with only a marginal impact to your overall estate value.

A greater knowledge of all these issues will assist you in asking the right questions and getting sound recommendations from your professional advisors and others. You are encouraged to prayerfully consider your own estate plan, using this opportunity to confirm the plans you have already made, or to learn of additional options for consideration. For those who have not completed a plan, this seminar will give you the knowledge you need to move forward using a structured and systematic approach, simplifying the task ahead. We hope you can join us!

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