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2022 Fall Work Bee

Our Work Bee is looking to tackle the following list!


Replace Bathroom Taps - Women's Bathroom both sets

Toilet gut replacements - Boy's ed-wing, Middle Stall Women's

Toilet Seat Replacements - Women's middle and right stall {round shape}

Bulkhead drywall repair

Paint the big room for storage

Furnace Filters

Paint/Seal Swap Entry Mats

Bathroom Motion light switches

Fan transformers replacement (2 sanctuary, 1 narthex, 3 fellowship hall)

Mouse/Rodent poison for crawlspace

Wash Windows


Paint the exterior ground flashing

Put up snow fence

Solar Eye sensors (East Wall sign, Parking lot sign/cross,

Remove - East side gardening/plants

Landscaping - sloping and seeding,

Remove concrete rain slope things

Roof Furnace Venting caps (u fitting to prevent blow back)

Mudjack the service pad East side

Check/Test AC Units - Plumber

Wash Windows

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